How it all began .........                                                                          'Baptist Kampereilanders (people living on the island by Kampen) on their way to the Vermaning (place to gather for churchservice), at the moment of a coming bad weather [...]', ca. 1820, with watercolour coloured litho by [P.H.J.] van der Meulen after a drawing of L. Seidel, 22 x 15 cm. Gemeentearchief Kampen.

    Hans Th�ne                               born 1661                                                                     dutch version
    Abraham Teune married 26 October 1760                             
    Herma Teune     born      26 October 1960                   

    H. Thöne  -  H. Teune
    3 centuries Switserland  -  Holland

    It all began with a small brown book, that I, as curious teenager, found between the old photographs and other old things of my parents. Although I didn't understand much of the old official language, the writing  did interest me all the time. Almost every year I found it back and read it again and again.
    Little by little the content was getting clearer to me.
    Later on I found out, that this small book was the work of mrs. C.J. Welcker, an old archivist of  the Gemeentearchief Kampen.
    I started also to look further in this Gemeentearchief  and thanks to the very helpfull employees a familyhistory opened up to me.

    In the book there was an interesting story about an orphan Abraham Teune who, after his marriage with Johanna van Rees, began a new live in Haarlem.
    Mrs. Welcker writes: "After a few difficulties I managed to find out the meanperson and writer of the original handwriting which is Abraham Teune.
    Although I had my doubts about this theory but these have been taken away thanks to the help of the archivist of the gemeente  Haarlem, mr. H.E. Knappert.
    The records he gave me follow as supplement VII and VIII"
    Supplement VII supposed to be a excerpt from the Register van de Huyzen, Molens Tuijnen en Gronden binnen de stad Haerlem and  supplement VIII is a copy-excerpt from the Register van Marriageen, gesloten voor Schepenen der stad Haarlem.
    This extract concerns the marriage of Abraham Teune J.M. (jong man) of Kampen and Johanna van Rees, J.D. (jong daughter) of  Haarlem on the 26 october 1760, a date which has a special meaning to me, because I am born myself on the 26 October 1960 came also almost exactly 200 years later on the earth.
    Hereby two of the three in the title mentioned persons are declared with help of the facts which happened during the history.

    But who is the third person Hans Th�ne .....

    After much more investigation also about Hans Th�ne an interesting fact came out.
    As the oldest found forfather he seemed to be born in 1661, almost exactly 300 year before my birth in 1960.
    That way I got the possibility to investigate 3 centuries Th�nes and Teunes.
    Hereby the title will be clear to you I hope.

    Herma Teune


    I already received much information about the different members of the Teune family, but this Abraham Teune seemed to be traced  very difficult after his marriage in Haarlem.
    I found 3 possible daughters of Abraham:
    Magdalena Teune, born 24-05-1764 in Haarlem, died 11-12-1836 in Zwolle
    Alida Teune, born 30-12-1766 in Haarlem, died 26-12-1830 in Zwolle
    Bartha Teune, born 30-10-1768 in Haarlem, died 25-02-1855 in Zwolle
    There appear not to be any sons and that would be the explantion why we do not find Teune's now in Haarlem.

    Mrs. Agnes Dunselman, genealogist and correspondent of the Archiefdienst voor Kennemerland has gathered very valuable facts for me in Haarlem and me myself already found some facts in Kampen.

    The results follow below.

    50e penning, 4 august 1760: Marten Rygen and Jacob Garner as godparents of Abraham Teunen, descendant of Abraham Teunen and Barber Gasser(s) sells to Abraham P(i)eters Teunen a house and goods at the Vloeddijk, named "de Pannebakkerie" with yard, stable and old shed.

    The earned money Abraham used for buying in Haarlem:
    Excerpt from the Register of the Houses, Mills, Gardens and Plots within the city of Haerlem and 'vrijdomme' selled and instructed  to the Ed. Achtb. Heeren Schepenen of the city Haerlem, beginning with the 23rd August. 1760. undersigned G.G.G.G.G.G. Inv. II, No. 891 (G70), fol. 3, resting in the Gemeentelijke Archiefbewaarplaats at Haarlem.
    ........ draagt op tot een vrij eijgen aen Abraham Teune een Hijs met den erve Staende en gelegen in de
    Gierstraet met deszelfs grutterij en winkel; Met Nog een stalling voor twee paerden daer achter,
    uijtkomende in de Breesteeg; Met Nog een Huijs naast het voorgaende perceel mede in de Gierstraet, belend ten Zuijden Cornelis van Geemen, ten Noorden Nicolaes Uijtman, achter strekkende aen zekere poort, uijtkomende in de Breesteeg, Met alle de vaste en losse gereedschappen tot de grutterij en winkel
    behorende; Al vrij en voorts Ea.
    Om f 1200,-. Contant geld, en voor overgenomen gereedschappen f 1000,-. Contant.
    Actum den 23e Aug. 1760.
    (w.g.) Z. Steenis 1760.(w.g.) Gijsb. Adr. Patijn.

    Marriage at Haarlem of:
    Abraham Teune,    J.M. (young man)      of Kampen
    Johanna van Rees, J.D. (young daughter) of Haarlem

    Abraham Teunen is registrated in the Haarlemse Koopmansgilde in the year 1761.
    His profession is "gorter" (grutter) and he lives in the Gierstraat at Haarlem.
    The Gierstraat still is in original condititon and can be found near to the Proveniershuis (former Jorisdoelen).
    He can be found between the Grote Houtstraat and the Botermarkt and changes then in the Koningstraat.

    Abraham Teune sells a house and yard in the Lange Bogaardstraat to Dieuwertje van Zurk.
    The house is still charged with a mortgage of 250 guilders wich amount Abraham Teune keeps for his account and he promises to pay back the amount in 5 yearly parts of  50 guilders.
    Dieuwertje Zurk pays the selling price of 250 guilders (the value of the house and yard is also 500 guilders).
    Origin: ORA Haarlem, Transporten 76.132, folio 245.

    Abraham Teune sellts to Jan van der Sprang Pietersz a pakhuis with yard laying at the Bakenessergracht at Haarlem for the amount of  475 guilders.
    Origin: ORA Haarlem, Transporten 76.135, folio 213.

Abraham Teune had died at Haarlem in the Gierstraat.
He was burried on 14-2-1803 in the Grote Kerk, zuidertrans grave 95.
The cause of  his death were convulsions.

Johanna van Rees had died at Haarlem in the Gierstraat.
On 11-4-1805 30 guilders impost were paid for the burying , by which we can conclude that she was in the highest taxclasses.
She was burried on 12-4-1805 in the Grote Kerk, zuidertrans grave 95.
The cause of her death was loose of strength.

The children were born in Haarlem.
Because the family belonged to the Doopsgezinde Gemeente no childbaptising can be found.
What can be found is a registration in the birce-announcementbook of the churce.
They got 6 children, 4 daughters and 2 sons.
1 daughter and 2 sons died very young.
That's the reason Abraham didn't leave a Teune-branche at Haarlem.
After his death in 1803 his three daughters left Haarlem, went to Zwolle and mary (again with baptist families) as follows:

Haarlem, 22 October 1805 Marriage of:
Magdalena Teune, born 24-05-1764 at Haarlem, died 11-12-1836 at Zwolle
Assuerus Doijer, born 13-12-1758 at Zwolle, died 21-03-1838 at Zwolle, priest at Zwolle

Haarlem, before 1791 Marriage of:
Alida Teune, born 30-12-1766 at Haarlem, died 26-12-1830 at Zwolle
Jan Wijnand van Rees, born c.1766 at Haarlem, died for 1804 at Zwolle, floursalesman

Marriage of:
Bartha Teune, born 1769 at Haarlem, died 25-02-1855 at Zwolle
Isaak Anthonie de Jongh died for 1855 at Zwolle

The connection between the families we see back when we look at the familynames of Alida Teune and Jan Wijnand van Rees and their parents. Here we see, that Alida and Jan marry as nephew and neece of each other.
That isn't surpricing when we look at the professions.

The husband of Alida Teune, Jan Wijnand van Rees, is a child of  Jan Wijnand van Rees, grutter, from Haarlem and Magdalena Waling.
This Jan Wijnand van Rees, is a child of  Wijnand Jans van Rees, weever, from Rees and Aaltje Doijer from Zwolle and has  the same parents as Johanna van Rees, who married with our mentioned Abraham Teune.

To make it a littlbe it easier to understand:

                            Wijnand Jans van Rees, weever
                             and Aaltje Doijer
  |                                                                                   |
Jan Wijnand van Rees, grutter                            Johanna van Rees,
and Magdalena Waling                                       Abraham Teune, grutter
  |                                                                                   |
Jan Wijnand van Rees, floursalesman      and      Alida Teune

I have questioned, if the coat of arms of the Teune family with the three tulips has something to do with the fact that this Abraham Teune lived in the neighbourhood where once was a flourishing trade in bulbs.
In the book 'Het Boek van de Tulp' of Tom Lodewijk I found on page 13 the following:
In the 17th century famous tulips were reproduced true to life on glazed tiles, sometimes so that the tiles two by two fitted together. Examples of these tiles can be seen in the Westfries Museum at Hoorn.
Also at the Westfries Museum at Hoorn there is a gablestone, on which three tulips and the year 1755 can be seen. In this year an inhabitant of Hoorn let this stone build in a house, that in 1636, the time of the winddtrade, was selled for three tulipbulbs.
Also many landlords decorated their business in the years of the tulipmanie with a sign, on which the text 'In de dry Tulpebollen' was written.
After 1637, when the end of the windtrade left thousands of people behind without any money, some people changed the writing to: 'In de dry Sottebollen'.

So I found out about this branche of the family a little bit more.
If you can deliver me other facts, then you can write me at the emailadress: or per form: form.

About the ancasters of Abraham Teune I know already very much and you can find these facts on the following page:
Genealogy Family Teune (Th�ne) First part, generation I-IV, where Abraham Teune is mentionend unter IIIh.


Johan Gustaaf Themans (Isaac Themans, Rebecca Vos, Hartog Meijer Vos, Meijer), born. Zwolle 10-10-1873, married 4-10-1905 Johanna van Rees, born Zwolle 21-6-1882.

Who knows the ancasters of  Johanna van Rees, born 21-6-1882 at Zwolle?
My impression is, that she is a daughter or at least family of Jan Wijnand van Rees, born 1826 and died 1907.

Still to find:
Joh. Ruys, Aanteekeningen uit het 'Register van de namen der personen met haar familien, dewelcke van andere steden en plaatsen binnen de stad Haarlem syn komen wonen en by de Heeren burgemeesteren geadmitteert, in: De Wapenheraut 20 (1916), pag. 219-225 en 255-260 [chronologische lijst van personen die in de periode 1701-1793 in Haarlem zijn gaan wonen].