Family of Erik Teune [2432], born Amsterdam 2-3-1950, now living in Perth Australia
    Some photo's he send me from the Teune family who first lived in Holland and emigrated to Perth Australia

    Alberta Maria van den Berg who was born 4-6-1888 in Zwolle, married Zwolle 30-9-1909 with Herman Karel Lammertzn Teune, born/baptised (baptist) Kampen 8-12-1884/27-3-1904.
    She died Deventer 14-5-1967.
    Lammert Teune, born. Zwolle 20-3-1910 and died 1986
    Jannigje (Jennigje, Jenny) Teune, born Amsterdam 18-9-1912, baptist

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    Erik, his aunt Jenny from Deventer in Holland (born Amsterdam 18-9-1912) and his sister Fonneke

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    Christopher, Marilyn (Mayen) Toledo Tado, Erik and Maelissa Teune        Their daughter Maelissa Keri Teune, born 15/8/1992

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    Their daughter again, but a little bit older and Erik, Marilyn (Mayen) and Maelissa on Bali