Letter from Edward Teune:

    "Hi, my name is Edward Teune.
    I currently live in Chicago, and the Teunes here in Chicago would be very interested in information you might have about any Teunes in Europe.
    Of course, we may not be related, but Teune seems to be a less common name.
    My direct ancestors came from the Netherlands, but we could not trace the Teune name back very far there.
    So it has remained a family mystery as to where the Teune name came from.
    We keep in touch with some cousins there, but they also have little information in the Teune name.
    Please e-mail me back when you have time. 
    Thanks, and God bless, Edward Teune"

    After this letter I asked Edward for more facts and I got them:

    "Hey, great! We are definitely from Groningen.
    In fact, both of my great-grandparents were from Groningen. 
    Some of our family here (Chicago, IL) have tried to follow the Teune name back as far as possible in Groningen, but seem to run into a dead end in the 1800's. 
    From there, there are rumors of someone coming from France or something, but no one over here is quite sure.

    Here is the story as I know it. 
    My great-grandfather, Johannus Teune (1858-1927) and his wife Grietje(Grace) Lanenga (1865-1947) came over to Chicago with their children in 1911 from Bedum in the province of Groningen. 
    Now, supposedly, Johannus was an orphan from a war (maybe the Franco-Prussian?).
    He met Grietje at the orphanage who visited it to play with other children.
    Grietje was born in Bedum on October 29, 1865.
    Johannus and Grietje sent their sons John and Edward over to Chicago first to settle in. Then the entire family followed in 1911. The west side of Chicago became a "Groningen Quarter" and many immigrants from Groningen settled together there. 
    Johannus and Grietje had 11 children: 
    1.   Daniel Teune married Alice Hendricks 
    2.   Peter Teune 
    3.   John Teune married Minnie Elslo 
    4.   Edward Teune married Helen Bulthuis and their children were: 
          Grace, Henry, John, Jean, Peter, and Garret (my father) 
    5.   Ida Teune married Jerry Huiner
    6.  Grace Teune married Peter Ter Matt
    7.  Saddie Teune 
    8.  Herman Teune married Carrie Boss 
    9.  Tracy Teune married George VanKampen 
    10.Lena Teune married Clarence Hoffman 
    11.Peter Teune married Sadie Schaff 

    Thank you so much for replying to my message. 
    Hope to hear from you soon"

    Edward Teune


    Of course I would like to know if this family is related to mine, but I need more facts. 
    At first I would like to know: 
    Who knows the facts about Johannus Teune (1858-1927)?
    Where was he born and who knows the names of his father and mother?

    A long time I didn't come any further with this family-branch, although I found many members of them on the Internet.
    But then suddenly a reaction from Hans Bruines on 02/16/2000 in my guestbook:

    "Because I contacted Teune familymembers in the VS and did hear a story from one of them about the dutch roots I did enjoys these pages.
    I have a solution for Ed's Question from Chicago and will give him the solution via the american familymembers.
    For the dutch familymembers: I did email the solution to Herma Teune"

    Hans Bruines

    The promisid solution did not reach me till now, but I already contacted Hans by email to ask him again for his information in which we are all very interested. As soon as I know more about it I will publice it on this page.

    Here it is ...... the promised information from Hans Bruines:

    "During a study of my oldest son in Austin Texas, he did meet the wife of a colleage student Todd Halihan, Martha Halihan-Muhlina, both americans.
    She told my son that she had dutch/groningen roots.
    During our stay in Austin we learned to know each other and she told me again about it.
    After that we invited them to visit the Netherlands and within a year they came, including the mother of Martha, Susan Muhlina-Teune.
    The familyname of the mother was and is Teune. They showed us a sort of  family description of the Teune-family in Amerika, but not much information about the roots in the Netherlands.
    But they did have a few names of the forfathers and the place where they came from.
    After writing to the archive in Bedum (Groningen) and a visite to the Algemeen Rijksarchief in Groningen, I did get wiser.
    I also visited the CBG in The Hague, but that didn't make we wiser because I didn't find the connection between the facts I did gather already and the facts of the CBG.
    After I found your site during a surfaction many things came clear to me and I also can fit some pieces to your familytree.
    The pieces also bring some light over the letter from Chicago which you already received, because this Chicago branche also belonges to the swiss/dutch Teune familytree.

    The facts:
    Source: birth register Hoogkerk (Groningen)
    birth 29/10/1857: Teune, Johannes, son of Teune, Daniel Pieter en Schoep, Grietje Jans
    Profession of the father is skipper and the parents live in Leek (Groningen).

    Source: marriage register Bedum (Groningen)
    married 19/12/1885: Teune, Johannes, son of Teune, Daniel Pieter en Schoep, Grietje Jans en
    Laninga, Grietje, dr of Laninga, Pieter and Ten Boer, Tetje
    Laninga, Grietje was born: Bedum (Groningen), 29/10/1865, profession maid

    Source: archive Bedum
    1. Teune, Daniel, born Bedum, 30-10-1887
    2. Teune, Jan, born Bedum, 7-12-1889
    3. Teune, Gerritje, born Bedum, 6-10-1897
    4. Teune, Harm, born Bedum, 4-5-1902
    5. Teune, Trijntje, born Bedum, 26-4-1904
    6. Teune, Gerbina, born Bedum, 22-6-1906
    7. Teune, Pieter, Bedum, 21-12-1908

    Nr.1 Teune, Daniel did mary on 1-8-1908 at Bedum with:
    Hendriks, Aaltje, born Roden, 16-5-1882, dr of Hendriks, Jan and Ter Veld, Aaltje
    born from this marriage: 1 child (in the Netherlands):
    Teune, Johannes, born Bedum 28-1-1909

    Nr. 2 Teune, Jan has moved to Chicago on 16-2-1910.
    All the others from Bedum did move to Chicago on 5-10-1910.

    Following the marriagepapers of Teune, Johannes it shows that Schoep, Gerritje did die on february 12 1869 in Zuidhorn.
    In your facts it is 12/12/1869.
    My question to you is if you know where the oldest members of the Teune family lived in Kampen, because I will visite Kampen with a few members of the Teune family, who are in the Netherlands from 11-2-2000 till 28-2-2000.
    This family Bernard Winter and Alice Winter-Teune with son and family are very interested in their dutch roots."

    Best regards,
    Hans Bruines

    The link has been made ......

    The parents of Johannes Teune  are Daniel Teune and Gerritje Schoep and both are found in my familytree under number Vs. [1169] and [1170].
    We can see there that Johannes had 3 brothers and 4 sisters.

    As you can see Hans Bruines did not find all the children of Johannes Teune and Grietje Laninga.
    The names and facts of Peter, Saddy and Lena Teune do miss.
    Peter Teune must have died very young because their oldest child also was named Pieter.
    It is possible that Saddy and Lena were not born in Bedum like the others, but in another place.
    It's also possible we have to seek for a name which is written a little bit different. Lena for example will probably be Helena? Who knows the official name for Saddy?
    So we can seek further to get the latest facts also.
    If you can tell me more .... please write.

    Now we know a lot more, thanks to different people who completed many facts
    The above mentioned Ed Teune started a very interesting homepage too and we exchange many facts and foto's and linked both homepages with each other.
    When you still miss some facts about familymembers, please send me the facts and I will complete them on my homepage.
    On Ed's homepage you can find anything about the Teune's who emigrated to America and he also published some historical facts.
    Please have a look at http://www.teune.com.

    Herma Teune