A French Teune member who was a fantastic furniture-maker, but does he belong to the family ...........?

    Hello Herma,

    "I am Angie Barth and live in Paris.
    For my examination of IFROA (Institut de Formation des Restaurateurs d'Oeuvres d'Art), Ecole Nationale du Patrimoine,
    I restaurate a cylinderbureau that is made round 1770 by François Gaspard TEUNE.
    I also have to do a historical research, so I'm busy with searching in the archives of Paris.
    François Gaspard TEUNE is born in 1726 in Hirschberg in Germany.
    His parents were Germain TEUNE, carpenter and Elisabeth GUNTER.
    François Gaspard TEUNE marries May 8 1757 with Marie Geneviève PERRIER in Paris.
    He had 3 children (as far as I could find, because the archives were burned in 1871):
    - Marie Elisabeth, born March 3 1758, marries Charles TEMPLIE;
    - Jean François, born April 8 1776;
    - François Augustin, burried 1794.

    François Gaspard TEUNE is Maitre ébéniste (furnituremaker accepted by the corporation) in May 1766.
    He works for example for le comte d'Artois, brother of King Louis XVI.
    He disappears from the corporation registers around 1788."

    Angie Barth


    Does François Gaspard belong to our TEUNE family?

    As you can read above we know that his parents were Germain (Hermann) TEUNE, carpenter and Elisabeth GUNTER
    and that he was born in 1726 in Hirschberg in Germany.
    Germain should be the french name for Hermann.

    I found 5 places with this name, where I expect the one in the neighbourhood of Warstein would be the most logical one,
    because of the many TEUNE-branches we find here
    see also Ahnenforschung der Familie Thonemann a homepage from Ralf A. H. Thonemann

    Who can give me more information about the forfathers of these Teune's?

    I found some facts about the furniture he produces, which I will show you here:

    Found on http://www.search-antiques.com/us/estampilles/Ebenistes/T.htm
    The Stamp of François-Gaspard TEUNE; Master craftsman 1766Because the link has been changed since then, I mailed to try to get a copy of the pages

    The Stamp of François-Gaspard TEUNE
    Master craftsman 1766

    Found on http://www.nice-encheres.com/1100/vente22.html:193 - Pedestal table with trammel in wooden veneer and amarante; Foot tripode; Teune's stamp; Marble-time top Louis XVI
    Because the link has been changed since then, I mailed to try to get a copy of the pages

    193 - Pedestal table with trammel in wooden veneer and amarante
    Foot tripode; Teune's stamp
    Marble-time top Louis XVI

    Found on http://www.larepublique.com/news/archivestory.php/aid/736/Du_mobilier_de_Vaux-le-Vicomte.html

    Of Vaux-le-Vicomte's furniture

    On sale at Christie in Monaco

    The Republic
    Published on  May 29th, 2000

    Two oeuvres of art exceptional resulting from Vaux-le-Vicomte's castle are going to be auctionings during a public sale on Saturday,
    June 17th in Monaco by prestigious company Of Christie.
    It's about an office(desk) roll of time Louis XV stamped by François Gaspard TEUNE, realized towards 1770.
    This detail, estimated between 300 000 and 500 000 F is classified ancient memorial and cannot be exported.
    Also presented during this vacation, a statue representing Louis XIV by Martin van den Bogaert, says Desjardins, realized near 1680.
    This terracotta on pedestal of wood painted in false marble is 90 cm high.
    Considered between 700 000 and 1 000 000 F, it is also classified ancient memorial, forbidden the export.
    , native of Breda, made his learning in Antwerp before coming in France and marrying the niece of the architect Mansart.
    His work was so appreciated by king that this one ennobled the descent.

    Sale in the Hotel Metropolis luxury hotel of Monaco on Saturday, June 17th at 3 pm.

    I also looked in the beautyfull catalogue of Cabinet Baille Beauvois http://www.baillebeauvois.com/images/catalog_1_02.pdf,
    where I searched for the word Teune and did find one other furniturepeace he made.
    Because the link has been changed since then, I mailed to try to get a copy of the pages

    Another example of his work, I found:

    CABINET MAKERS: Teune François Gaspard

    A cylinder secretaire.

    Paris, the Decorative arts Museum.




    Herma Teune